Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG)

Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG bases) are widely used in e-liquid manufacturing for e-cigarettes. The formulation is carefully processed in our state-of-the-art laboratories by our experts.

  • Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are manufactured from best-grade nicotine sourced from reputable tobacco suppliers in the country.
  • Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are nicotine solutions formulated by blending a balanced combination of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).
  • Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG bases) are most suitable for e-liquid manufacturing.
  • The VG/PG base is a diluent that allows easy blending with flavors, additives, or other ingredients.
  • Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are available in various strengths.

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Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG bases) are widely used in e-liquid manufacturing for e-cigarettes.

Our Nicotine dilutions are ideal for e-liquid manufacturing companies and DIY enthusiasts looking for a reliable solution to make e-liquid formulations. The Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base in the nicotine dilution generates thick vapour clouds and gives a smooth vaping experience. Propylene Glycol (PG) gives better flavour delivery and a satisfactory throat hit. The blended combination of VG and PG in the dilution ensures compatibility with several flavour concentrates and a better vaping experience.

Uses of Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base)

Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG bases) are widely used by e-liquid manufacturing companies to create product lines. They are base ingredients that offer the desired nicotine strength and help in producing e-liquids with varied nicotine concentrations.
  • DIY enthusiasts can use these dilutions to create their own e-liquid with different nicotine concentrations.
  • Vapers can use nicotine dilutions to create e-liquids with various nicotine concentrations based on their needs.
  • Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) give a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience with optimal vapour production and flavour delivery.
  • Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) help in transitioning from smoking to vaping.

How are Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) different?

Supernic has been the leading Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) wholesaler for several years. Below are some key characteristics of our Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base):

  • Our Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are processed using the best nicotine, which ensures purity and consistency and a satisfying vaping experience.
  • Our Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) have a balanced combination of VG/PG base that gives excellent blending properties and compatibility with several flavours and additives.
  • We offer Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) in various strengths for precise control over the nicotine concentration in e-liquids.
  • We listen to our customer’s feedback and improve our products to meet their needs and expectations.
  • The concentration range in our dilutions ranges from 0.3 mg/ml to 100 mg/ml.
  • Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are versatile. The product is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and e-liquid manufacturers.

Supernic High-Quality Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) vs. Low-Quality Nicotine Dilutions

Low-Quality Nicotine Dilutions
High-Quality Nicotine Dilutions
Purity Level
Inconsistent and impure
Consistent and pure
Unreliable concentrations
Precise and consistent
Blending properties
Balanced VG/ PG base
Vaping expreience
Harsh and inconsistent
Smooth and satisfying
Safety measures
Compliant with industry standards

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Do nicotine dilutions degrade over time?

Our Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are carefully formulated to last longer without losing their quality. To ensure their performance doesn’t degrade, we recommend storing Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) in a cool, dark place, far from the sunlight. Ensure the dilution is stored in tightly sealed containers for longevity.

Can nicotine dilutions be mixed with any e-liquid flavour?

You can mix Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) with any e-liquid flavour. Our dilutions blend perfectly with various flavours and additives and deliver a smooth vaping experience.

Can I use nicotine dilutions in e-cigarettes?

Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are ideal for usage in e-cigarettes. However, always follow the handling instructions and safety guidelines before using Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base).

Is there any minimum order quantity for nicotine dilutions?

We don’t have a minimum order quantity for our products. However, if you want to place custom orders, contact our support team. They will help you place an order based on your requirements.

Will my order for nicotine dilutions be delivered safely?

We have the best infrastructure and logistics to pack and ship all our products. We carefully pack the products and ship them with our trusted delivery partner, which ensures you get a non-damaged delivery. If you receive a defective or damaged package, contact our support team.

Supernic Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) are available in top-quality for e-liquid manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts to create custom e-liquids. Place your order for Nicotine Dilutions (VG/PG Base) with the trusted Nicotine-related products supplier in India.